May 08, 2014

Fire Ride

Just a little Mario riding around on Yoshi in a safe environment.


May 04, 2014


Decided to go a different route with my F-Zero design, I'm glad I did. I'll have this at comiccon in 11 x 17 prints :D



April 06, 2014


Just getting a little Punchout action going this morning.



April 05, 2014

Link one colour

Here are the two versions of Link in one colour.  I'll have the smaller one, 8 x 16,  available at Comic Con.  The larger one, which is 36 inches long, will be very limited, if you'd like one send me a message or try your luck at the con.




March 23, 2014

Escapo poster

Here's a little poster for Paul Pope's Escapo graphic novel :D



March 10, 2014

Star Fox II

Just wanting to do something a little different with Star Fox.  I was trying to make it look like old book covers I barely remember from when I was a kid.



December 23, 2013

Feeding Time

I wasn't going to do this tonight but I started listening to the Velvet Underground and got carried away.



December 22, 2013

Adventure is tough work.

First in a series of Mario water colours :)



November 20, 2013


My little Metroid piece.



I can't believe I haven't posted this here yet.  I did this little newspaper strip for the UK Cancer Research Race for the Cure.  It features Mark Millar's Hit Girl character, which he let them use in their amazing "Up Yours, Cancer" ad campaign.  They asked if he knew a cartoonist that would be willing to work with them on a small 3 panel strip, Mark and his partner Lucy put me in touch with them and I did this up for them.  It was seen in newspapers and news sites around the UK and they even got a giant cardboard stand up of my Hit Girl art done up.  I had a pretty big grin on my face for a while that.


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